I LOVE THIS PLACE! I just discovered it, like a little gem

nestled in between Condoms To Go and a Doggie Day Care, lol.

Forever Nails is clean, they sterilize all tools, the techs are friendly, and the salon is really cool! They have curtains between the pedicure chairs that you can untie so you're in your own little world. They have a couple of pink walls, which is neat. It's trendy without overdoing it.

I got pink-and-white done by a sweet girl. She's awesome! My nails are so flimsy, even gel nails don't work for me. I haven't had acrylics in a while, so I wasn't sure how they'd turn out. You know how it is when you try someone new...it's hit-or-miss. Well, this gal is def a hit! She's great! I was very pleased with the job she did and will request her from now on.

The services are wonderful, pricing is competitive, shop design is cool, place is clean, techs are friendly and competent...what's not to like? I would def recommend this place!

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